Thursday, April 11, 2013

San Cisco (3/27/13)

I've been enjoying San Cisco's Awkward EP for quite some time… It was even one of the albums I played from when driving over the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge last year (felt appropriate).  So with a great great new self-titled album (that I can't seem to find anywhere online to link to), I was really excited to see these guys coming to the Grog Shop.  This show also turned me on to Chaos Chaos who were opening.  They were good… though I have to say their production on the album served them well.

Chaos Chaos (3/27/13)

Australia's San Cisco are a great pop/rock band.  Not sure if they were prepared for a still, largely unaffected Cleveland crowd, but they held their own and put on a good show.  

San Cisco (3/27/13)

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