Tuesday, February 20, 2018

OSHUN (2/14/18)

OSHUN took over the Beachland Tavern on this Valentine’s Day night.  These ladies haven’t released a proper album yet, but their series of singles have been catchy, insightful and occasional political commentary.  I love their natural take on life, love, and living on this planet.

OSHUN  2 14 18

OSHUN  2 14 18

Opening was The Dorian Walker Experience.  The name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t find much about this band. But based on this performance, I hope that changes!

The Dorian Walker Experience  2 14 18

The Dorian Walker Experience  2 14 18

Cory Grinder Band (2/8/18)

This was a random arrival night at the Happy Dog, on a Thursday after visiting with a friend who had to work on Friday, but I didn’t.  I was pleasantly surprised with Cleveland’s own Cory Grinder band rocking out some honkey tonk - and how could you not with that beaming smile of his.  These guys just looked to be loving what they’re doing, and how can you fault that.  Keep it going guys!

Cory Grinder Band  2 8 18

Cory Grinder Band  2 8 18

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Kiesza just dropped a new single for Mother, hopefully with a new album not far behind.  I just discovered Petit Biscuit through someone’s Instagram, leading me to this sweet video for Problems Ft. Lido.  YACHT is slowly coming back and taking on a Hard World in their new video.


Digitalism is in a retro future world with their new video for Holograms.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Article: Best Buy to Stop Selling CDs

Best Buy still sells CD’s?  This is a trip down memory lane when, the only reason I went to Best Buy was for their music selection.  I guess Target is next.

AR 140409824

"Electronics retailer Best Buy will pull CDs from its shelves come July 1, Billboard reports. Although Best Buy used to be a major music merchandiser in the U.S., CD sales have gradually declined as streaming becomes the preferred method of listening. Best Buy will continue to carry vinyl for the next two years to honor a commitment it made to vendors,"

(Via Best Buy to Stop Selling CDs | Pitchfork.)

BoomBox (2/1/18)

BoomBox really delivered on their promise of dance.  These guys funked up the night with their dance, house jams, which were only complimented by the Beachland Ballroom’s disco ball.  Check it out below!

BoomBox  2 1 18

BoomBox  2 1 18BoomBox  2 1 18

Opening the night was Cleveland’s own Uncle Gnarly, who was a great compliment to BoomBox, with his mostly electronic sound, but occasionally bringing in a saxophone or what looked like a digital clarinet!  Would totally see him again.

Uncle Gnarly  2 1 18

Uncle Gnarly  2 1 18

Uncle Gnarly  2 1 18


Friday, February 2, 2018

Article: Annie Mac on clubbing's mobile phone problem

No phones in clubs?  I’m divided on this, obviously since I document shows for this blog. No cell phone zone sign k 0410

"'There was this constant kind of need for documentation of the night and it just killed my fucking vibe. I feel like that's a really big problem in terms of clubbing now, because the ultimate idea and goal of clubbing is to connect. It's the same experience you get when you go to a football game - you're all experiencing the same amazing emotional charge together. But if you can't do that because you've got a fucking screen in front of you that you have to record everything on, it really takes away that initial base level of connection.’

Mac pointed to superclubs, like Output in New York and Berghein in Berlin, for coming up with potential solutions.

'You're either not allowed to bring your phone in, which I think is a bit extreme, or they put a sticker over your screen so that you can't take photos,' she said. 'I think what will happen moving forwards is that it will become the thing to not have a phone in a club. I hope it will become the norm - I think that would be really good for clubbing in general.’"

(Via Annie Mac on clubbing's mobile phone problem | Live | Music Week.)

 It’s just a matter of respect and restraint, characteristics not always followed at parties.

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Happy Friday! There are some alternate universes in this week’s Video Day.  Sylvan Esso goes post apocalyptic in their video for PARAD(w/m)E, and STRFKR goes otherworldly with their Tape Machine.  A little more down to earth, Rostam has a delightful new video for the his delightful song Bike Dream.

Bonus: HUMANS are back with an official (lyric) video for Sip It.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tomorrow: BoomBox @ Beachland Ballroom

I’m not quite sure where this nu disco / fun / jam band came from (technically from Alabama), but I’ve really been enjoying all their music lately.  The danceable elements are what really captures me.  This should be a great show!

"The band is known for not using setlists, instead improvising and changing their set's direction based on the crowd's energy. According to NUVO, "BoomBox plays a unique blend of psychedelic rock and electronica," and also incorporates elements of funk, soul, R&B, and... This channel was generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system."

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy95iVVkZe4RkZmyz4icgQA/about)


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Moon King (1/29/18)

Detroit-based Moon King swung through the Mahall’s downstairs Locker Room on a wintry Monday night, on the last night of his tour.  He ended up performing in the middle slot, and luckily some people started showing.  That still didn’t get me out of having to dance amongst just a few up front, but the music made it easy to do.  He was really cool guy, who showed some interest in the idea of a house concert - something to consider.

Moon King  1 29 18

Moon King  1 29 18

Ending the night was Cleveland’s moody synth Key to the Mint.  Not entirely sure what to make of this band, but their 80’s inspired sound is definitely intriguing.

Key to the Mint  1 29 18

Key to the Mint  1 29 18

Opening was Kiernan Paradise.

Kiernan Paradise  1 29 18

Monday, January 29, 2018

Yoke Lore (1/26/18)

I arrived at the Beachland early to grab some seats and the bar and grab a bite to eat, but realized they messed up the door time on the website.  I was left hanging outside waiting for the soundcheck to finish as a group of spirited young folk started to gather around and line up.  I could tell they were thrilled to be there, some having seen Yoke Lore multiple times, and I can see why.  He was so warm and personable in person, and on stage he was reflective, poignant and can throw down the 80’s dance moves like no one’s business.  He might have been a little long on the banter, but his songs really start to stick with you.  After the show, he hung out in the house and talked with just about every person who was willing.  Such a great guy, and what a great performer!

Yoke Lore  1 26 18

Yoke Lore  1 26 18

(also be sure to check out his cover of Savage Garden’s Truly, Madly, Deeply on my YouTube Channel!)

Vita and the Woolf returned to the Beachland for the opening slot. Her sound was as powerful, dense, and yet sometimes soft, as like her her songwriting and general presence.  I was able to have a nice little interaction with her after the show and she was quite lovely.  Go Vita!

Vita  the Woolf  1 26 18

Vita  the Woolf  1 26 18