Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Video Day #tzachill

Neko Case has a new video out for Man to accompany the release of her new boxed set!  Saintseneca animates their Sleeper Hold video.  Remember Mary Lambert (Macklemore’s Same Love)? - well she worked with K.Flay (!) on the new video for the slow burning Ribcage.

Bonus:  I love Jon & Roy.  The video is a little retro and obtuse.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Video Day #tzaubpeat

For this video day, M.I.A. works with a bunch of Refugees for her video for Borders.  Django Django found a new filter for their psychedelic video for Shot Down.  Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix set their PC free on the new video for Set Me Free. 

Bonus this week is from Years & Years (who’s album is AMAZING and will be opening for Ellie Goulding) who produced a #chooselight & #chooseshadow versions of videos for Shine.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tomorrow: Gill Landry @ Rock Hall

I’ve been a fan of Old Crow Medicine Show for a while, but wasn’t aware that Gill Landry had split off to do his own work.  The album is pure alt-country / singer-songwriter, but with the perspective and maturity that comes with a seasoned artist.  Throw in a $5.50 ticket and the Rock Hall as the music venue - and I’m there!


"'I'm a songwriter,'' said Landry, calling from a parking lot in Santa Fe, New Mexico, en route to his New Orleans roots for a visit over the holidays. 'Somebody gave me the term 'funeral pop,' and I like that. It's the kind of songs that I like -- ones that just explore the intricacies of life.''"

(Via Gill Landry: Ex-Old Crow Medicine Show guitarist brings solo act to Rock Hall |

Monday, January 11, 2016

Video Day #tzachill

Ra Ra Riot is BACK with their Rostam produced song/video for Water.  Lily & Madeline have their first single and video out for their upcoming album with Hourglass.  Josh Ritter crowdsourced his video of fan’s home towns for Homecoming.

Bonus:  Martha & Lucy Wainwright Roche sound amazing together, with a perfectly fitting video for El Condor Pasa.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Article: Pressed to the Edge: Why Vinyl Hype is Destroying the Record

I was just talking with someone about this… where the big guy comes in and steps on the little guy - and a whole industry can pay the price. 

"But there are indicators that the majors are actively trying to secure substantial vinyl production capacity at the remaining pressing plants. How? By paying in advance. There might even be presses completely reserved for certain companies. That techno EP can wait – Led Zeppelin can’t. In the course of researching this article, we received emails that confirm such requests by the majors.

If this is the case – and the pressing plants are denying it – it would mean that the majors are attempting to buy their way into an industry that they played a significant role in destroying. And they are attempting once again to starve the indie labels, the very labels that never gave up on vinyl. On Record Store Day, when the shops are full of specially-made vinyl records and customers wait in line for these limited editions, the pressing plants have already had many hard weeks of work leading up to it. Who knows how many machines were quickly patched-up in lieu of a proper repair? Nobody has time to take a breath. The next releases are already on standby, and the machines continue to run at a furious pace."

(Via Pressed to the Edge: Why vinyl hype is destroying the record.)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Let’s get this last week of 2015 started off right.  Teen angst is displayed on a gorgeously shot backdrop by CHVRCHES on Empty Threat.  Miike Snow goes Matrix with his Heart is Full.  Lastly is a beautiful video by Tuskha with The Program.

Bonus:  Panda Bear goes kaleidoscopic with their trippy new video for Crosswords.

Columbia House - Then & Now

With Columbia House in the news lately, announcing their vinyl initiative (details below) - I was reminded of this film I wanted to share about the height of their CD business!  What a superb look into a bygone world.

"Filmmaker Chris Wilcha captured what it was like working at Columbia House during this boom time in a low-key, first-person documentary called The Target Shoots First. Wilcha—who started off in the marketing department as an assistant product manager and was soon promoted to product manager—took a camcorder to work and captured the absurdity and mundanity of the company at that moment in time. He filmed scenes not just in the company’s New York offices, but also at the massive Terre Haute, Indiana, manufacturing, customer service, and distribution center (which employed 3,300 people in 1996) as well as an amusing Aerosmith in-store appearance and a trade-show rendezvous with David Hasselhoff."

(Via Four Columbia House insiders explain the shady math behind “8 CDs for a penny” · Expert Witness · The A.V. Club.)

 And then going forward… 


"To put it mildly, Columbia House has seen better days. The mail-order service went bankrupt this summer, and it's hard to see the allure of regularly buying movie discs when downloads and streaming are within easy reach. The company thinks it has an answer, however: it's restarting the Columbia House Record Club with a focus on vinyl records. It's betting that the resurgence of the old format and the popularity of subscription services (think Birchbox or Lootcrate) will draw in a younger audience. Columbia hasn't nailed down the launch details yet, but it'd return to the outlet's roots with membership and steep discounts."

(Via Columbia House hopes you'll come back for vinyl records.)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Video Day #tzachill

This new Tame Impala caught me by surprise, with it’s smooth groove and sexy video for The Less I Know the Better.  Eleanor Friedberger has a great new song and video for He Didn’t Mention His Mother.  Saintseneca performed in a Columbus drainage tunnel for How Many Blankets Are In The World?



Bonus:  Laura Cantrell is back with a Rolling Stone premiere for her new Bewitched-inspired video for Can’t Wait.

Article: How Indie Rock Changed the World

Cleaning up some older articles I wanted to share - this one with a Cleveland reference!

"Unlike hip-hop, that other Gen X art form, which originated in New York and later developed regional variants, indie got its start in emphatically local and often unlikely settings. Its fertile crescent was provincial American cities and college towns. Indie rock took off in places such as Athens, Georgia; Olympia, Washington; and my own hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, though most big cities also had a scene, and each had its own distinctive ecosystem. In Cleveland and New York City, for instance, where thrashy, locomotive hardcore music had a long reign, white boys predominated and girls were scarce. In Olympia, as in Boston, there were sympathetic college radio stations, more women, and more of an art-school atmosphere to the enterprise."

(Via How Indie Rock Changed the World - The Atlantic.)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Video Day #tzaupbeat

NEW ROBYN with La Bagatelle Magique for Love is Free ft. Maluca (and the video was directed by SSION!).  Missy Elliott finally presents WTF with Pharrell, and Grimes gets weird with Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream.



Bonus:  Peaches tears it down with I Mean Something