Saturday, April 14, 2018

JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood (3/31/18)

Finally getting my post up for the event: Disco Mafia presents JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood at Sachsenheim Hall.  As I previously mentioned, I wasn’t privy to the prime days of Rob Sherwood and Cleveland dance, but this event was still precious.  Loved the space, the people, and getting to see all the vintage fliers for past shows.  Well, done.  When’s the next one?

JANE A Tribute to Rob Sherwood  3 31 18

JANE A Tribute to Rob Sherwood  3 31 18

JANE A Tribute to Rob Sherwood  3 31 18

JANE A Tribute to Rob Sherwood  3 31 18

JANE A Tribute to Rob Sherwood  3 31 18

Video Day #tzaupbeat

Young Thug does it again with this great new video for Anybody feat. Nicki Minaj.  Tyler, The Creator just dropped some split screen realness for his video for OKRA.  Jessica 6 shows us The Storm Inside with her new video.

Bonus:  Big Freedia kicking you out by paying no Rent in their new music video. 

VOWWS / Choir Boy (3/30/18)

While we were there for Soft Kill, we only ended up staying long enough for Choir Boy and VOWWS to perform.  Their industrial 80’s sound struck a nice balance between vintage and contemporary.  Love this venue.

Choir Boy  3 30 18

VOWWS  4 30 18

VOWWS  4 30 18

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Video Day #tzachill

Janelle Monae’s new video for PYNK is EVERYTHING. SZA has a new video for Broken Clocks that goes full camp.  Leon Bridges brings back the Bad Bad News with his new video.

BONUS: Our own Marcus Alan Ward just released this slick new video LoveOutLoud!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Article: Bob Dylan Sings About Gay Love on New Compilation

Check it out!Unilove

"Bob Dylan appears on a new compilation EP that features ‘reimagined’ versions of wedding songs for gay couples. He has recorded a new version of the 1929 song ‘She’s Funny That Way’ but switched the pronoun to ‘He’s Funny That Way.’ Universal Love also features St. Vincent, who takes on the Crystals’ ‘And Then He Kissed Me’ (as ‘And Then She Kissed Me’). Kesha sings a switched-pronoun version of Janis Joplin’s ‘I Need a Man to Love.’ Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard covers the Beatles with ‘And I Love Him,’ and Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke covers the Temptations on ‘My Guy.’ Listen to the full EP below.

Universal Love was funded by MGM Resorts International and its songs are ‘intended to function as wedding anthems for same-sex couples,’ The New York Times reports."

(Via Bob Dylan Sings About Gay Love on New Compilation: Listen | Pitchfork.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Article: Does traditional radio have a future? Bankruptcies, digital disruption cast doubt


Consumer+Radio"Radio, more specifically terrestrial radio, has survived, but questions of its long-term viability were amplified this month when iHeartMedia, the largest radio conglomerate in the U.S. with more than 850 stations, filed for bankruptcy. IHeart joins one of its competitors, Cumulus, owners of nearly 450 stations, in Chapter 11.

IHeart alone owns 12 radio stations in the Cleveland and Akron markets including Majic 105.7-FM, 106.5-FM The Lake and 96.5 KISS FM. Do their stations survive the company's current financial situation?"

(Via Does traditional radio have a future? Bankruptcies, digital disruption cast doubt |

Fromt the same article:

"'The reality is those radio stations are not going away,' he said. 'iHeart's bankruptcy has nothing to do with WTAM, WGAR or WMMS and everything to do with the fact they paid 20 or 30 times what those stations were worth to get them. Now, they can't pay the interest on them. That has nothing to do with the radio stations themselves.'"

(Via Does traditional radio have a future? Bankruptcies, digital disruption cast doubt |

Friday, March 30, 2018

Article: Going to concerts helps you live longer, according to new research | The Independent

This has been making the rounds on social media this week.  Of course I’ve been tagged several times on it already.  :-)Long life

"According to a new study by O2 - which owns some of the largest music venues in the UK - alongside Goldsmith University's Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan, regularly attending live shows can help expand your lifespan.

The study says that 20 minutes at a show 'can lead to a 21 percent increase in that feeling of well-being.'

Even more research says that going to gigs 'directly links high levels of well-being with a lifespan increase of nine years.'"

(Via Going to concerts helps you live longer, according to new research | The Independent.)

Coast Modern (3/29/18)

I've actually been listening to this Coast Modern album for quite some time, unlike some other shows of late where I’m listening for the first time - the week before the show.  Their summery upbeat sound reminds me a bit of Milky Chance - a solid, fun album all the way around.  That’s exactly the experience they brought to the Beachland Ballroom last night.  Starting off early with their fun cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel, they ran through their (only?) album’s tracks, bringing the crowd along with them. Where they might have fell a little short on polish, they made up with energy. Great show.  DAKS: 8

Coast Modern  3 29 18Coast Modern  3 29 18Coast Modern  3 29 18

Opening was Late Night Episode, and Coast Modern couldn’t have asked for a better opener to get the crowd going.  It wasn’t long before they jumped in the crowd for a couple songs.  Total success.

Late Night Episode  3 29 18

Late Night Episode  3 29 18

Tomorrow: JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood @ Sachsenheim Hall

I’m a little embarrassed about my lack of knowledge of Rob Sherwood.  After his death, the public and personal testaments to his life and his parties were so moving.  I’m disappointed that I missed out, not only on what was happening in that era, but also the epic party he threw for the Gay Games.  I love hearing about the history of dance in Cleveland - which sounded epic.  I guess the best I can do now is to make sure I make this event.

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Some details, with a link to the FB event:

"The Disco Mafia proudly presents JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood, Saturday, March 31, 2018 at Sachsenheim Hall in Cleveland at 7pm.

Music by: Kenny Summit / Lady Miss Kier dj set / Mike Filly

Featuring creatures of the night both legendary and au courant in a sensual performance spectacle of drag and dance.

An extensive installation of ephemera from the golden age of Cleveland’s underground club culture."

(Via (1) JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood.) had a piece on this as well.

"'My idea has always been to bring the gay bar concept and sell it to a straight audience,' Sherwood told The Plain Dealer in 2014.

Sherwood, who was gay and was called 'Jane' by close friends, loved outrageous party themes, a clever mix of music and a sensibility that could shoehorn Fellini, John Waters and Andy Warhol into a sweaty, glittery club full of glam and grit."

(Via Paying tribute to pioneering Cleveland DJ Rob Sherwood with an all-out disco party |

So did Scene.


"To pay tribute to the man, his friends and colleagues have organized JANE: A Tribute to Rob Sherwood, a memorial that will feature the 'final production of the Disco Mafia event squad.' The goal: to 'pay proper ass-shaking homage to Rob Sherwood.'

Acts scheduled to perform include: DJ Kenny Summit, founder of house music label Good for You Records; Lady Miss Kier, a DJ, singer, 'influential fashion heroine' and member of Deee-Lite; and Mike Filly, a terrific local DJ who worked with Rob Sherwood back in the day."

(Via Tribute to Local DJ Rob Sherwood to Take Place at Sachsenheim Hall | Scene and Heard: Scene's News Blog.)

Rostam (3/27/18)

When I saw Rostam was doing a relatively short tour, I was thrilled to see an Oberlin date!  Such a quaint little college town, a treat to visit.  I’m guessing Rostam felt the same way, with a very young-leaning, jubilant crowd there for him.  Being a college town, the show didn’t even start until 10pm (with an opener!).  By the time Rostam took the stage, I was only able to stay for a couple songs - but he’s every bit as enjoyable to listen and watch live.  Loved his having a bevy of strings on stage with him as well - as you should in Oberlin.

Rostam  3 27 18

Rostam  3 27 18